Team Kentucky Free Covid Screening Testing

Envivo Health is one of the companies awarded the contract by TEAM KY to conduct FREE COVID SCREENING and TESTING using grant money for k-12 school districts. Most schools are choosing to follow the protocols set by the CDC seen below. Some have decided that staff and athletes should be screened twice a week. We will work with you to create a custom protocol that works for your schools. In addition to the information below we have just been given permission to conduct TEST TO STAY, free testing on all volunteers and family members. ​We are happy to use rapid test or PCR tests based upon what you want. Both test are non-invasive and are a swab in lower level of nostril. ​

My Recommendation:

The best program will target symptomatic as well as asymptomatic students and staff. That would mean doing weekly PCR screening along with a Test to Stay program. The following outlines the CDC Guidelines for both programs


The symptomatic population would be given a rapid test every day for 5 school days. Students and staff with negative results can stay at school and after 5 school days they are released from testing. A positive result would mean sending students/staff home immediately. 


The asymptomatic students would be caught by using the PCR screening 3-7 days BEFORE showing symptoms and the protocols are listed below.

High School 

  • Weekly testing for all staff, (bus drivers through Administrators), and all extracurricular students who are in close proximity.
  • Minimum of 10% of all students chosen at random. We are happy to test at a higher rate to fit your comfort level. Some schools are asking for testing twice a week to start and we will adjust as needed.


  • Weekly testing for all staff, (bus drivers through Administrators), all extracurricular students who are in close proximity
  • Minimum of 30% of all students chosen at random. The reason for testing younger students at a higher rate is because they are more likely to trade masks and are more physically interactive. 

All we ask from each school is:

​1. An Excel file that includes student names, gender, date of birth, social/school id number, race, ethnicity and random or weekly testing of all students who have parental consent and staff to be screened. You can add students at any time if parents decide to change their mind.
2. Internet connectivity, Room to test in with a table.​
3. Copies of permission slips​

How it Works:

We will come to your site each and provide test.

You will determine the day and times.

Test will be the noninvasive nasal swab conducted by professional certified and background checked collectors


Rapid Test to Stay Program

Each school will be called within 24 hours and provided the names of any students who test positive. In addition to the phone call there will be an Internet portal that provides all results.

Benefits to School Districts:

Keeps students and staff safe.

Allows schools to open and stay open.

Provide jobs in Kentucky.

Keeps state tax dollars in our state.